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A Late Quartet - Andrew - 04-28-2013

A world-renowned string quartet that is about to celebrate their 25th anniversary finds events and internal struggles pulling them apart.

I rented this because Philip Seymour Hoffman is in it. I figured even if it turned out bad, at least he would be good. But the whole movie was good. Not great, but much better than okay to watch.

BTW, Christopher Walken plays the cellist. I am so used to seeing him play other types of roles I was wondering how this would work out. It worked out great.

RE: A Late Quartet - Bunny - 04-28-2013

I saw this and love Seymour Hoffman too, but it looked overly dramatic in the trailer. Do you think it was better than the trailer then, if you saw the trailer?

RE: A Late Quartet - Andrew - 04-29-2013

The trailer didn't do much for me. The movie pleasantly surprised me.

RE: A Late Quartet - Bunny - 04-29-2013

Cool, I'll put it in my queue then. Thanks!

RE: A Late Quartet - Andrew - 04-29-2013

As far as I remember, the high drama scenes involved things that had been simmering for years.