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The fault is in the stars - Andrew - 07-19-2016

Girl meets boy story. Both have been hit with cancer and they meet in a support group. This movie managed entertain without becoming too formulaic.


RE: The fault is in the stars - Bunny - 07-19-2016

I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!   Heart Heart Heart

Yes, I'm a middle aged woman and this is my current favorite movie.  I was slow to get into it, but once they met their "idol", oh boy, I was so in and just fell in total love with it.  

Got the book too.  It's also wonderful, really hits the nail on the head about being sick in so many ways, it's wonderful.  

Surprised I didn't review it here, but perhaps it was just too special for me.  I have it on Blue Ray even, which is a huge splurge for me.   Big Grin

RE: The fault is in the stars - Andrew - 07-22-2016

There was a point in the movie before they met the guy where I exclaimed aloud: "Okay, now what are you going to do." The movie had already arced and I was wondering what the writer would do next. But coming from a book, the story didn't need to be confined to three acts, so it just kept going. And in a good way for most of it.