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This Is Not What I Expected (2017) - Aiona - 11-07-2017

Netflix has allowed me to indulge in lots of K-drama (Korean sit coms) and mini-series. I really liked Strong Girl Bong-Soon, but I haven't been able to finish watching because of recent goings-on at my home.

So a two-hour movie is all I have time for these days. And I had to watch it at 3 AM when no one else was awake to scream about it.

"This Is Not What I Expected" is a Chinese movie, I think. Not Korean. And it's subtitled, and yet, there are so many scenes without dialogue (and lots of food), that it's easy to figure out what's going on, even without knowing the language.

It's a rom-com. With food.

I love it.

RE: This Is Not What I Expected (2017) - Andrew - 11-08-2017

I wish I had the ability to watch foreign language movies with subtitles. I have enough trouble watching English language movies, where i need to hear what they say an read in the subtitles to follow. it.