What Her Body Thought
Oh, I guess I didn't finish re reading it. I haven't be up to reading alot lately. But, I do remember how much I loved that book.

Quote:She is much more thoughtful, intelligent and mature than the writer of that other book by a cifds author.

You mean Roger King?

Yup, the author of Love and Fatigued in America.

I started out loving that book but really didn't like the guy after reading more, he seamed like a creepy, perverted user of damaged women. He made some other note about feeling bad for child molesters rather than the victems that just sickened me beyond words. I was so mad I paid money for that book and felt so mad that such a creep had published a book about our illness that already has such a dicey reputation. Oh well, what can ya do, illness hits anyone and everyone.

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