Lust Caution by Ang Lee
(04-25-2013, 11:28 AM)Bunny Wrote: I love some of Ang's movies. Sense and Sensibility, Brokeback Mountain and oh The Ice Storm. I had that one in my queue but it didn't look interesting to me. I can't seem to deal with subtitles anymore either, so I never rent subtitled movies.

I do have Life of Pi in my list but not too enthused by it as just the idea seams so silly, sharing a raft with a tiger and all. LOL But, I heard great things about that movie.

I haven't seen the movie, but I did the book _The Life of Pi_ back in 2003. Intrigued by the cover. Anything with a boat has my immediate attention. It was a fun read, once I got past the long documentary in the first third......

Speaking of Brokeback Mountain, I've only read two books by the author of the book. _Lonesome Dove_ also frustrated me. Same thing.
Spoiler :
I wanted to shake characters and say, "Stop! Don't you see? In Chapter so-and-so, you're gonna get killed!"

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