The Orphan Trains
Best documentary I have seen in a great while. Just an hour long, made for PBS, wonderful. Moving and showed the good and bad side of things. It's about how many of the poor and orphaned children in the cities were adopted out onto rural farm land. The best thing is that they interviewed many of the people who had been adopted out, great stories from the old people and they even had one old guy who at 19 had taken in a boy of 9 and raised him up. So moving. Wonderful wonderful documentary.
Sounds like a good one. Thanks.
Oh! Where did you find this? I remember there was a movie called "Orphan Train" and I remember it was based on the real orphan trains that moved kids out of NYC. It kind of talked at the end about how some of those kids went on to become very successful businessmen and women. But it was a movie, not a documentary.

This is definitely something I'd want to see!
I think it's the same one I have in my queue.
Yup, that is it, Andrew. It's great.
I just saw it. What a powerful story. I'm glad you posted about this.
Yeah, I had two hits now of good recommendations. Do I get a prize? Angel

That movie made me cry, so wonderful.
(05-06-2012, 08:27 AM)Bunny Wrote: Yeah, I had two hits now of good recommendations. Do I get a prize? Angel

Yes indeed. You win the "Love Your Recommendations" award. Heart

Hurrah!!! Yeah!!!!

Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin


Still basking in the glow of my win!
(05-07-2012, 06:44 AM)Bunny Wrote: Hurrah!!! Yeah!!!!

I am so envious! I found out we have Netflix (Husband subscribed and never told me!!! Or he claims he did, but I guess I wasn't listening, as usual. Smile)

And yet, when I did a "search" I couldn't find it. Oh well. I do hope to see this some day.


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