Book on "Fatigue"
I just heard the end of a webcast with Roger King (the author of Love and Fatigue in America) and Wilelmina Jennkins through the cifds assoc site. It was really good. Loved listening to two articulate, intelligent people talk about their lives with cfids. Hope I can listen to the beginning at another time. Was feeling a bit restless or down or lonely or maybe all three this morning, but after watering my plants outside and listening to that webcast, I'm back to a sunny bunny and don't feel so different or alone.
That's great! It's nice to find something get some emotional relief. I'm glad you were able to hear this.
Thanks Andrew! If you want to check it out, they have it on the CFIDS assoc facebook site. They probably have it on the regular website too. I just saw that they had put up the recording on the facebook site and hope to listen to it later. Too wiped out today to do it even though I'm all wired up from a too long day. That wired and exhausted thing a ding!

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