Never the Same
The past 6 months or so, I've been reading more ebooks. I was a reluctant starter, but a friend asked me to help publish a book, and so I felt it was something I had to do a little research on.

As a result, I've been reading lots of little indie-type books. More than I usually would, and in genres I don't normally read! Romance being one of them.

So, I dunno what appealed to me about the intro blurb of this book, but I ended up getting the ebook version of Diane Craver's Never the Same, and read it in one night. It was pretty good. Some parts, I skimmed quickly over. But overall, I was engaged with the characters, and enough to read to the end, which surprised me.

Lots of sex in the book. But there *is* a plot. Smile
I've always been curious about romance novels. I never read one, but have read about the genre. Maybe this one would be one to start with?
I read one book that was I guess a romance novel? Not sure if that was the genre. I loved the book, it was so simply well written, the characters were great. But, I didn't like the end, the end was such a fantacy happy ending, while the rest of the book was more realistic that it ruined the book for me at the time. I wonder if I would like it more now idea what it was called or who wrote it though. wish i knew cus it was a really fun light read. And i don't care that much for fiction but i loved most of that book.

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