Just upped my netflix from 4 at a time to 5 at a time! who hoo!

such a nice indulgence, let's see if i can keep up with it though. i got spoiled by my friends, direct tv that i wanted "more"! Laugh
Sounds good. The next step would be to stream them from Netflix. I haven't gotten off my butt to look into that.
Yes,I have thought of that, but I would have to buy another unit to be able to stream them on my TV. Not that it would be hard, but......I'll probably wait until something breaks and i have to buy a new DVD player or something. I'm pretty well set up now and i don't get to read as much as I should as it is.

I have two movies coming tomorrow, yeah! I'm getting Panic in Needle Park, that oldie with Al Pacino. And some other random Whoopie Goldberg movie I had never heard of called something and Eddie.
I found that more is better, because many of them will be clunkers. The only problem is if it's too many to keep track on the queue.
Yes, already liking it! I have so many on my queue, I have to constantly pair it down as it is usually is over 200 movies plus the saved list of a good 50! I'm constantly revising it.
I just tried streaming netflix to my laptop computer. It worked out much much better than I thought it would. I had assumed I could not enjoy watching a movie on my computer, but I quickly got used to it. And with this I can watch while in bed. I just had to figure out how to position and elevate the computer and how to lie in a position that didn't cause me problems. I began to like it so much I wondered if I could go back to watching on TV. As it happen, I have no problem with watching both ways.

This has opened up a whole new world of overcoming boredom depression, because I can stream when there are no DVDs on hand.
Very nice! I think the early years of being sick for me would have been much better if Netflix had been around. I used to have to make one weekly trip to the library and just rewatch things over and over. I haven't gone to streaming yet, but one day. Nothing better than watching tv or movies in bed. I have my tv in my bedroom.
It's also possible to stream to a TV set.

Oh, I neglected to mention that I also bought a Roku. This allows me to stream to my TV. As it happened, the Roku arrived but I was too sick to hook it up. But I was also very bored, so I tried streaming to the computer. That's how this all began. And now the Roku is hooked up, and I can watch either way.

Does the Roku attach to your tv and to a phone outlet to stream? Or is it only wireless?
In my case, the Roku outputs to my TV via cables that come with the Roku. The Roku gets input from the Internet via the same WiFi my computer users. I control the Roku with a remote. Not every Roku comes with the same connectors.

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