Windows 8 start menu solutions
If you have tried Windows 8 you may have that the start menu is missing. So I looked into addon menus to solve the problems and these stood out.

What they do is put back a start menu, let you work with or without hot corners on the desktop, and let you jump between metro and desktop with hot spots turned off on the desktop.

IOBit StartMenu8 is free. In addition to the above. StartMenu8 can be run like an application. So you can exit it, and it’s gone. Start it again, and it’s there. Makes it easy to run your computer either way, without having to change configurations.

StartIsBack is inexpensive. Hot keys are different from StartMenu8, as are some of the options. Can be kept from running on a per session basis by hitting hot keys as Win8 starts. Allows you to hide all non-metro apps on the metro interface. This is a nice feature if you simply want metro to be metro, and not get loaded up with desktop apps.

Start8 is inexpensive. This one has the most features. It allows running metro apps directly from the desktop menu, contained in one folder there. But you can also hide this if you want. You can also use it with either a Win7 start menu or a metro-like start menu. You can turn Start8 off and on with the command prompt.

Classic Shell is free. Unlike the others, this one puts back an XP style menu (instead of a Win7 menu). But like Start8, you are able to run the metro apps from the start menu.

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