Damn Good Advice by George Lois
I was in Barnes and Noble looking for fountain pen refills when I saw this book, and picked it up on a whim. Lois is awfully good at doing that, marketing his stuff. And that's what this book is about.

It was basically short easy to remember blurbs for business owners. I agreed with some of his advice. I disagreed with a little bit of his commentary, but overall it was a good book. I especially liked his advice, "Don't work with bad people." It seems like common sense, but he goes into detail in little blurbs, explaining how people can find themselves accidentally in viper pits and how to extricate oneself.

I will probably resell my copy. It's not a keeper, but I am glad I read it.
Oh and Barnes and Noble did not have fountain pen refills.
Sounds like a book I could have used when I was working.
(02-24-2013, 02:02 PM)Andrew Wrote: Sounds like a book I could have used when I was working.

LOL! Yeah, it really is all about marketing and networking. Things I abhore, which is maybe why I am still poor, and Lois is not. I should probably take his advice to heart while I still can.

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