DVD New Release Lists
The list is in two parts. The first contains resources that seem to tell you what is new on Netflix. This covers DVD and streaming. The second part of the list are general resources that may or may not apply directly to Netflix.

All DVDs releasing last week is a page on the Netflix website that shows weekly releases. Or you can see New Releases last Week in RSS format.

New Releases with various choices of how to view.

Hacking Netflix has been inconsistent with its new release list, but I leave it here just in case.

What's New On Netflix USA appears to list new DVD and streaming according to the date on which they were released. And as such, it might have the latest. They also have a link there for Canada.

Feedflix lists what will be streaming on Netflix in the near future. Unfortunately, this doesn't help me add them to my queue.

Movie Insider covers Netflix as part of its release information.


Video ETA is a general resource about when DVDs willl be released. Check out their DVD Page.

Video Detective gives you a way to browse thumbnails and descriptions that link to trailers.

Movie Web

DVD Verdict

Here's a list of TV shows. Not directly related to Netflix, but it is a way to find TV shows you might not know about.

If you know of an easy way to get Netflix to show a list of releases for the current week only (or next week only), please tell me.
cool, thanks for that. yeah, i only know of their new release section that has lots of movies in it, but also seams to miss some of the new releases too....
I'll have to remember to check back here for new movies I miss. That is what i liked about going to the store, I could look em over. ah, but the mailing thing is so cool with netflix.
I miss the store too. Aside from having the new release section there, I could read the box to get a better idea. I could also chat with other patrons about the movies. I remember going to the store after being with Netflix for awhile, and finding a slew of movies I had not heard of. Some that were not even carried by Netflix.
yeah, it was great getting movie suggestions from the kids working in the store, as alot of them really loved movies and just the human interaction was nice too!
I don't know why I didn't think of this before. In the past I was frustrated by the fact that Netflix doesn't have previews for a lot of its movies. It just occurred to me I can find previews online with Google. And the result is put some movies in my queue that I rejected before. I'll see how it goes.
yup, good idea.
By the way, I try to keep the list updated. So check the first message here to see if something helps.

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