The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
A long time ago I read The Hobbit. I remember very little of it, so I don't know how this movie ties in. I never read Lord of the Rings, and was not crazy about the movies. This one started off without much creativity. Sort of a stock beginning. Looks like they might have even borrowed the ideas from some Disney animation long ago. But eventually it settled in, and moved along nicely. The problem is the movie ends before the story is over. I kept looking around for part 2.

Anyway, it's a nice enough movie. But I think the most impressive thing was the landscape. I was positive some of it was CGI, but they say it was all the real deal shot on location in New Zealand.
I loved the scenery of The Lord of the Rings, so I imagine it was beautiful. I liked some of the lord of the rings, so I have this one on my list. I remember really enjoying The Hobbit as a child but don't remember the story off hand.

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