How to slouch your beanie
Are you into slouch beanies? I just got one and it was not slouching. I thought maybe it was too small. Well, you gotta love YouTube because I've found all sorts of tutorials there, including how get my beanie to slouch the right way. It's all in the multiple tucks you put into it.

But I would say my beanie is only a moderate sloucher. I'm looking for one flops as it slouches.
Oh my god, how did you hear about these things, Andrew? I've never heard of them. And how funny is it that you can find just about anything on youtube?
I've noticed them for some time now, but didn't know what they were called. I had to search around and finally hit on them being slouchy. Now that I have one, my old-style knit caps look lame. You might want to check them out: There are even youtube tutorials on how to make them.

Well, I got my first slouch beanie in the mail. It looked very cool on the guy in the photograph where I bought it. But when I put it on, I look like an old woman with a goatee. Oh well.

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