Top of the Lake
Watched the first 3 of this mini series. It's sooo good.

It's a pretty dark topic and took a bit to draw me in, but once it did, I just wanted more and more and it seams less dark as it goes along too. No violence or anything yet with really interesting characters.

It's a Jane Campion production, so of course, it's dark but really juicy and interesting, layered work. Might be her best work yet. One thing is I couldn't follow all the dialogue with some of the strange and hard Australia accents so I just watch it with subtitles so I don't miss anything.

Have the second 3 now to watch.
Took me a long time to get to this. I as actually creeped out by it the first time I tried. But someone encouraged me to try harder, so I watched the whole first episode. It's well done.
Yes, I was creeped out at first too. Thought it was going to be too harsh, but it's really interesting watching the whole thing.
Also interesting is it's set in a country (New Zealand) that's not usually depicted.
Yes. I had to watch it with English subtitles due to heavy unfamiliar accents. I loved Holly Hunter's character. There is one line she has that I just adore.

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