The Killing and Bates Motel
This is an AMC series, I believe that I rented via Netflix.

Soooo good. Just really well done and interesting.

Only problem is they just have season 1 on netflix, so who knows when I'll see the new ones.

Oh, also loved Bates Motel, another series on HBO, maybe? So good. Surprisingly so. I mean, you wouldn't think they could do a series off of the movie Psycho that would work, but they pull it off. It's a prequel type thing .
How did they do this without being depressing? OTOH, maybe I should just watch one.
Well, don't know if it would be depressing for you or not. And for some, just depends on the day, right? For the killing, it is more of a really well done, who done it. So, it isn't that grueling or emotional really.

And as for the Bates motel, it's just so stylized and interesting, so well acted and the characters are just so interesting. Both deal with dark subject though, yes.

I started to watch 12 Years a Slave and that was too sad for me to watch, I stopped pretty early in and sent it back.
Oops. I just realized my brain didn't parse your first post correctly. For some reason I thought it was about killing at the Bates motel. So I'll try again.

The Killing: do you mean the same one I posted about here?

Bates Motel: Because you recommended it, I watched the first episode. It was a very well done drama. Better than most. But...

Spoiler :
at the end they show the boy become fascinated with drawings of kidnapped women, and it cuts to a real image of someone who is being drugged and is restrained. This makes me think the boy will start doing this to the girls in town, or there will be something like this that is ongoing by someone else. Is this what it is?
Yes, it was two shows, the Killing which you wrote about and for some reason I probably didn't check out at the time thinking it would be too dark.

Um.....well, as for the Bates hotel....well, there are some bad things that have gone on in the town but....they don't show much and people get their come uppence. It's not super dark really, it is more about the characters and their relationships. I mean, it can be a bit over the top in some ways, but it's fun and well done.
Thanks. I think I'll keep watching it.
I hope you enjoy it. At least you can always stop watching it if it turns out to not be your cup of tea. Oftentimes, I am not in the mood for certain shows.
As it turns out, I've watched all ten of them. Not what I expected. Thanks for the suggesting this.
Oh yeah! Glad you liked it. It is really interesting and well done, isn't it? So much better than I thought it would be. Now, I have to wait forever to see the next season since I don't have streaming. But, I might get a newer tv someday, who knows!
I started watching the second season of Bates Motel (not on Netflix yet) and I only lasted for a few episode. It's not the same.

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