Raging Planet:Sea Storm
I've seen so many documentaries about volcano, lighting and other land-based disasters, I'm tired of them. But Sea Storm is new so it caught my interest. Well, also Aiona has got me more curious about what people at sea have to contend with. Even the large ships can be overwhelmed by waves. Some come with no warning and no storm. Also, winds can pick up speed on land as they pass into tight valleys, and shoot miles out to see, knocking over boats. You can't see those coming.

Anyway, it was more interesting than I'm making it sound.
Cool, sounds like something I might like, thanks for posting!
Poop! They only had it in the saved section on Netflix. Unhappy

I wish they had a slightly more advanced search on netflix too, so I could get more specific with documentaries I'ld like etc.
Try searching it with Google.

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