Dark Girls
Colorism is prejudice based on the darkness of ones skin. It is something that can occur across races and within the same race. Dark Girls focuses on how this affects Black women.

Interesting to me was that it confirmed what I'd been told by friends about parental advice they got when they were young, about not marrying someone with skin darker than a brown paper bag. But before this documentary, I never saw it discussed in the media.

I saw this on Netflix streaming, but it seems to also be on YouTube and elsewhere. I think it's long overdue and worth watching.

Oh cool. I've seen loads of talk about this as well as the "good eyes" vs "bad eyes" in the Asian community. Sad how we humans are and what pressure we put on what is "good" and what is "bad" based on who ever has the power or money or influence in culture. But great to see documentaries on it. Have you seen Chris Rocks' doc on "Good Hair".


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