True Detective
True Detective is an eight-episode TV series staring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. It deals with a single investigation and the aftermath of that case on the two detectives. The story moves in a slow steady pace that never becomes boring. It fleshes out secondary characters to add dimension to the story and fullness to the primary characters. The story might have been much less interesting were it not for the character that McConaughey plays. This roll takes McConaughey even further from his image as a pretty leading man, and places him as an obsessive asocial nihilist who has a way with words when he is not being silent.

Watching this reminded me that I love crime dramas, but don't like depictions of the crime. The opening murder site is very creepy, and where it not for the way McConaughey and Harrelson played this, I might have turned it off.
Wow, I've never heard of this. I'm going to look it up too. And I am like you, I do love crime dramas but hate the violent ones etc.
Oooooh! I just started watching this. Yes, the opening is grim for sure but I was prepared thanks to you and it at least it wasn't action.

But, the first conversation of the two detectives in the car is just amazing! So well done, so well written and acted and so funny. I laughed out loud and I mean, LOUD, a few times.

Loving it! Yeah! I often feel like I am running out of good things to watch since I watch so much so I get so excited when I start something new like this.

Thanks for the recommendation. Big Grin
Yes the dialog is what keeps the movie afloat while the story moves at a leisurely rate. But I only watched the first three episodes. I don't know know yet how the rest is.
I've just finished the first and I'm so excited. Going to go put the next one at the top of my list. Really love the two detectives and Mathew McConaughey does do such a surprisingly good job. In interviews, he doesn't come across as an intellectual guy so it's interesting to see him pull off an intelligent, depressed person. And Woody is great as always too.

PS: Can you imagine how much pot was smoked on that set with those two? All they needed to go over the top would have been if Harrison Ford was also in the movie.Laugh
Ok, so I've seen two disks now, or 6 episodes. The writer made a completely ridiculous character choice for the wife that completely took me out of the show and made me just shake my head and obvios that a man wrote this. Ridiculous! I mean, it is a pretty male show and a dark male driven show for sure, but of lord, hard to get over the foolishness and ridiculous actions of the wife and come to think of it, most of the women in this.

But, I'm still going to watch the last disk.
I've watched 6 episodes, but I'm not sure which part of the wife's behavior you are taking about. Maybe it's a scene I found unbelievable within the context they presented it. There is more than one moment in the 6 episodes that were beyond belief to me, and the one that bothers you might be one of the ones that bothers me.

But in terms of gender-image awards, I don't think any character in this movie is a winner. For example, Marty Hart fits that standard "clueless male" image that's so fashionable in the media these days.

But I know what it's like to have one scene destroy the believability of the rest of the movie. And there are some scenes in this one that have knocked this one down a bit for me, and continue to nag at me. But not enough to destroy it.
My bet is it's the same scene.

I think I remember the spoiler alert thing....

Spoiler :
The whole wife sleeping with Rust thing, just so silly. And I thought so out of character for Rust too. Terrible and simplistic plot choice they made there that just didn't fit with either character. I don't care how drunk Rust was, it just was so out of character for him. I mean, sure, there are loads of whack a do nutso women who would do such a stupid thing, but the wife had never been portrayed as a cheap idiot who would sell herself out to get back at his husband. And Rust was never shown to be someone who would get so caught up in a moment that he would sell himself out either.

I don't mind Marty's character, I've met alot of guys like him and to me I have liked his complexity.

I still am enjoying the show though. It's very well done even if the writing has some holes in it. The end of episode three was amazing and had me whooping out loud at one spot. I still think it's really good and I'm excited to see how they wrap it up, if they can overcome the easy fallout they chose. And have enjoyed the style of story telling with the interviews and action. We shall see. At least we're talking about it. hehe...
(08-05-2014, 07:44 AM)Bunny Wrote: My bet is it's the same scene.

Yes, that's the one.

Spoiler :
Completely out of character for both of them, even considering the circumstances. And not just that they had sex, but also the way both spoke to each other immediately after. It showed an incredible amount of laziness on the part of the writer, and knocked me off the emotional train I was riding. The whole scene was just all wrong

There were other things but not as bad. All involving Rust.

For example, earlier on when Rust meets with the woman to buy some drugs for his own use, and she expresses surprise that he didn't rip her off or try to have sex. Then she says she is having trouble figuring him out, but that he seems dangerous. He says something sort of like "I am dangerous. I'm the police, and I can commit crimes with impunity." He really had no reason say this, to either scare her or as some danger-man way of flirting. It was out of character for him to articulate it, especially in that way. It seemed more like the writer trying to reveal character, which is silly, because his actions throughout the movie show this.
Oh! You know, I don't remember those lines. There are times i miss some dialogue with movies due to the fan and air conditioner noises. I use subtitles but not all the time. Or, I could have missed it being tired too.

You are so right about both scenes.

Spoiler :
I completely agree with you about the lameo sex scene and the dialogue, just everything about it. And about that line he gave the drug dealer woman. Sounds like they through that in there to temp the audience to think....."oh maybe he is the killer..." Some cheasy choices there with the writer. You are so right. I have to say, I really was so pleased to see Marty shoot the evil guy right in the head though. I don't like violence but for that kind of thing, so happy to see that kind of a person go down. And then I loved the whole cover up. That episode was griping, how it was told and shown to be something so different.

I think I will go look up the writer now, curious to see what else he wrote. I've followed some writers I've liked in the past and found they worked on different tv shows that I loved, so it will be interesting to see if I have mixed feelings about other stuff this guy writes.

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