Masters of Sex
Masters of Sex is a drama based on Masters and Johnson, the revolutionary sex researchers who began their research in the Fifties. The series is based mostly on a book with a similar name.

The show includes nudity and depictions of sex in the research and in the the lives of some of the primaries. Some of the scenes caused me much discomfort (I'm a bigger prude than I thought). And other scenes showed such incredible insensitivity (and even cruelty) that I had to take a couple breaks. But, the pilot was so brilliantly acted that I stayed with it. And then I went to the next episode. And then the next. And they were able to keep the same level of quality. So now I have no choice but to recommend it, and I plan to rent the next DVD.

BTW, another thing that made it difficult to watch is this is the culture I grew up in, and it was not what I would call "Happy Days." I experienced it as a very repressed era, and I have zero nostalgia for those times. OTOH, Masters and Johnson were so revolutionary that they would have difficulty even today. So it is interesting to see this story unfold in that era.
hmmm...interesting. Did you like the movie they made on this same topic? I loved the movie and it had a touching end.

By the way, what the heck is: "OTOH". You may be from an older ear, but you have the abbreviation thing going on of the computer generation. Shy
I didn't know there was a movie. What was it called?

OTOH means "on the other hand." This goes back to the early days of online communication, even before the Internet. These things are not in use like the used to be. But I assume texters have come up with a slew of their own.
Ah, thanks for the heads up on the OTOH. Seams like more work than typing it to me. hehe.... but i can type with all fingers, I don't do the two fingered approach alot of folks do. Wink

I just started this series, thanks for the suggestion.

Very well done and I am liking it. I can see what you mean about perhaps feeling prudish. Nothing bothered me, but yes, they sure have a whole lot of sex going down on this show.

And I was wrong, I was thinking of the Kinsey report rather than Masters and Johnson, i guess they came out around the same time? Have to look it up. I was thinking of the movie called, simply: Kinsey. with that Irish actor, shoot can't remember his name.

Ok, just did a qwick check and Kinsey was before Masters and Johnson.
I got the second DVD and started yawning. I don't know what happened. But I didn't send it back. I'll try again.
I've watched three DVDs so far. Some episodes are better than others, but over all, I really like it. Funny enough, I find the sex scenes to be boring and a bit much. Not that they bother me, it's just enough already! hehe....I know it's a big selling point of the show though.

I am still enjoying the series though and I'm delaying watching the last DVD for a bit since it will be the last of it.

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