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Hey, I am looking at mattresses. Everyone is having big sales for Memorial day. Went to three stores. At Macy's this guy seamed to know what he was doing and he had me lay on my back and then on my side to check my alignment and find mattresses that would be good for my back. And I think I narrowed it down to one that I seamed to like best, but it's a big purchase ya know? Haven't had a new one in about 15 years or so.

This one has 800 individually wrapped coils, then memory foam and a pillow top, it's firm, but the pillow top makes it cozy.

Do you have a pillow top? I haven't had one, but seamed to lean towards them in the store since they were so comfy. I wonder if they might be hot or hard to get out of bed with?

So many options with beds, it's mind boggling! Interested in your ideas about mattresses as I know you like to get alot of info on things. And I know everyone is different in what they like and all. I seam to like what they call hybrids, with coils and foam. Who knew, foam was the new big thing?

Thanks for any advice you may or may not have! Shy
I can't remember what I learned about mattresses. But here's what I do know.

1. Some people never get used to memory foam, so it you don't like it right away don't get it.

2. My father bought an addon that was a foam pad with feather topper and was thrilled with it. IOW, it can be added to any mattress. He got his as Cosco for under $100

3. I have a too-old mattress. While shopping I added a "temporary" fix of two non-memory foam pads. One is from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I don't remember the brand. I think it is 3/4 inches thick. The other is much thicker with some uneven ribs on it (from Sears). Over that is a thick fitted mattress pad. This improved my sleep so much I never got around to buying a new mattress.

4. Another thing to consider is allergies. Do you have any, or chemical sensitivity?

Here' a thread that might help.
Hey cool, andrew. Thanks for the info. Sounds like you have a good fix. It's so overwhelming in many ways. all the things that to consider. allergies and all that too. but......when I have stayed at hotels and rare times at friend's houses, I have never had a problem with mattresses, so not too worried about allergies and maybe i don't have to worry too much about comfort cus I seam to do ok as long as i have enough support I think. i do have chemical problems, but not as bad as some others, and i haven't felt sick in the stores so that is a good sign, I guess. I can't deal with thrift stores for long with the dust and mold, book stores after an hour, the formaldihyde will get to me.

I did love two beds of some friend's of mine, so I sent them emails asking if they were pillow tops.

I also checked that link. thanks for sending it. i don't have a latex allergy that i know of, but you never know. great to go to that site, never been there, i put in on my favorite list, so i can check back with it.

Thanks so much for your input and info. I might get one this weekend, might not. So trying to get alot of info qwick.
Hey I got a mattress set! yeah!! very excited! I went to five stores, layed on a whole bunch, got lots of info, read stuff on mattresses on line and feel really pleased with the salesman I went to at Macys. He was the best one and seamed to really know what he was doing checking the alignment. Steve came too and bought a set for himself. And I got a allergy cover that can come off and be washed, so I am set. Now, have to figure out when I can get it delivered.

That's great! Did you get one with a feather topper?
(05-30-2011, 04:43 PM)Andrew B. Wrote: That's great! Did you get one with a feather topper?

The one I got has individual wrapped coils, foam, then some memory foam on top with a pillow top. It's firm but the pillow top makes it more cozy, so I should have nice alignment and support and have the coziness of the cushy top. Big Grin

So glad to get it over with. And even though, after all the shopping, I was sure I wanted to buy from this one guy at Macy's, it was still nice to have Steve come and have him say, "yeah, looks good!". And he was happy that I had done so much looking, so he felt confident with this salesman and his mattress. His was even a little cheaper than mine. I paid about $1200 total with tax and the allergy cover. Pretty pleased. I feel so spoiled. First new sheets, curtains, now a mattress! who hoo! next I'll be screaming for diamonds!! Tongue

here's the link if you want to look.....

Mattrese update......cus I know you have been waiting on pins and needles, up at night wondering......"how did her mattrese turn out?" Laugh

I've had it a little over 3 weeks. I love the height of it, it's higher than my last mattrese and somehow it made the room seam bigger to me. But, it took some time to get used to. At first I didn't like it to sleep in, but loved it for sitting in watching DVDs. But, I think I am getting more used to it and I'm liking it more. I can exchange or return it if I like after 2 months at home, but I would rather keep it than go through the drama of looking for another one. I might also get a little topper from Bed Bath and see if I like that too. First I want to get a deeper fitted sheet for the mattrese though as it is deep. One set of sheets I have that I love, the fitted sheet only goes about half way down on the mattrese, it doesn't come near the bottom of it to tuck in....Laugh

a dresser is next.............Big Grin
What's it like to sleep on compared to your previous mattress?
Well, my old mattrese was very springy and bouncy, so it took some getting used to the feel of a non springy mattrese. With the old one, I could sort of bounce out of it and the new one is more solid firm feeling with a gushy top. So at first, it just felt too solid or firm and I thought that my shoulder might be getting smooched. My neck and upper back were hurting. But......I also hadn't been sleeping much at all for the two weeks before I got the mattrese, had been in a dip in my health, so I wasn't sure how to measure what was the mattrese and what was me. Then I thought, I had been trying to do a little bit of yoga each day. So next I decided to lay off doing any yoga that put any weight on my arms and then my upper back and neck felt alot better and I started to get used to the new feel of the new mattrese. And I think that my lower back is feeling much better than it used to now also. I think the mattrese is getting more broken in now too.

Does that answer your question? I get hesitant to say it is all good now, cus I just get afraid to say that things are going well, since getting so sick and having so many problems come up from being sick, ya know? I guess it has brought out some superstition from the hallows of my brain. Blush

Do you think you might like a softer mattress?

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