Proposed Hollywood central park
There is a proposal to build a suspended park over the Hollywood freeway (101). The first thing that comes to mind are where will the exhaust fumes go, how well will it do in earthquakes, and might be a nice thing to have. Of course, there is Griffith Park, but I have a feeling the Hollywood one is, in part, for commercial developers. They can charge a fortune for commercial property that overlook or is simply adjacent to the park.
Seams like a cool idea but an extraordinary waste of tax payers money. It's like how they cut hours at libraries, cut the workers pay, fired people since they "didn't have enough money" and yet, built a massive new fancy pants library that must have cost what $20 million at least? To me investing in having better health care, education, more police services and other social services really benefits society as a whole.

Thanks for sharing that article, I enjoyed peaking at some others on that site too!

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