Changes in Features
There have been some changes in how the forum works. This post will cover the most confusing changes. Click on photo below and observe two new buttons in the editor

You are familiar with the spoiler feature for hiding text. It is now added via the new "S" button. The way I use it is to highlight the text I want to hide, and push the button. This will insert the necessary codes before and after. You will see the code.

The new spoiler adds the option of adding a description. You will see this option pop up when you press the button. It's optional. If you don't want a description, just click where it says "insert" without entering a description.

Editor Modes
The editor (which is the thing you use to type your messages) now includes a partial wysiwyg mode. It is partial because many users find it confusing to deal with quotes and some other features without the formatting codes showing. The Editor Mode button lets you change modes. This means you can switch out of partial wysiwyg mode and have the editor behave like it did in the old forum (source mode). The button works as a toggle, and you can switch back and forth.

You can also decide which mode you want as the editor's default. Personally, I prefer the editor to work like it used to, without having to hit that button. To change this, look at the top the forum and click where it says "User CP." Then, on the left side list click where it says "Edit Options" (under "Your Profile"). Then on the right find "Other Options" and you will see a choice that says "Put the editor in source mode by default." That's the spot.

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