What's the last movie you saw??
I watched Caroline the second times yesterday,I admire the film mostly because it is good to look at. Selick is as unconventional in his imagery as Gaiman is in his writing, and this is a movie for people who know and care about drawing, caricature, grotesquerie and the far shores of storytelling. In short, you might care little about a fantasy, little indeed about this story, and still admire the artistry of it all, including an insidious score by Bruno Coulais, which doesn't pound at us like many horror scores, but gets under our psychic fingernails.
Last movie I saw was Battle: Los Angeles (2010). This movie is about an extra-terrestrial invasion of earth. But it is not presented as a sci fi movie. It's actually a very gritty gung ho war movie that focuses on one group of soldiers who set out to rescue survivors who are hiding in a police station in Santa Monica. Lots of hand-held camera movement. It felt real enough that it was scary. I felt so tense I almost turned it off, but I wanted to see what happened next. I would rate it above so so, but not great.
I watched Mother and Child last night. Such an amazingly well done movie. Funny, moving and beautiful. Wonderfully well written, surprisingly well written, surprised it was even made.

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