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I'm not sure if you get DVD's by mail anymore.  I don't have streaming so I get all my movies via mail through Netflix.  This year, they slowed down service.  It used to be so great with two day turn arounds for movies but now it takes a good 5 days or so to get movies back.  I thought I would try Blockbuster to see if they were still fast but saw that Blockbuster no longer does mail DVDs.  I guess the streaming is just such a larger profit for them now, that mail will no longer be an option soon.  

Pooh.  I guess I'll have to get a new TV and Blue ray player at some point.  I really liked the mail option though, I hope they don't discontinue it all together.  
For awhile it was taking me two weeks. So I tried mailing from a different zip code and they got there overnight. I also tried a different mail box for my my zip code that I assumed would be handled by a different carrier. It arrived overnight. IOW, the postal carrier was the problem. So you might want run some tests to double-check this.
I called Netlflix and they said that they no longer do the overnight thing. They said it is slow all across the country and when I searched the net, i saw that people were complaining about it. For me it started in the new year, going from a 2 day turn around to a 4,5 or day turn around. They also stopped processing the dvd's on Sat from what I read. Do you get them back 2 days after you mail them in now? If so, I may have to try and talk to the post office, but it's been hard for me to get out much these days. I think they might be trying to discourage people from doing the mail and just want people to do the streaming as it's cheaper for them and they can fire more employees as is the way of the cooperation.
I'll pay more attention to how long it takes me. But I'm not sure my problem with the post office is all the way fixed.
Oh, one more thing about Netflix. Their streaming services is pretty dismal. Most of the movies on there are duds. Almost no new releases. All I watch are some TV series reruns. And sometimes a good documentary.
Wow, really, their streaming sucks too? How are they going to stay in business? Is there a better streaming site? Seams there are not many options these days for renting movies.
I've actually been wondering what Netflix will do. They used to be revolutionary, with their by-mail rentals. This worked back then because streaming was not really an issue. So they could charge by how many DVDs were out at a time. With unlimited streaming they cannot do this. To stay in business they would have to limit the streaming in some way, and this would anger current streaming customers.

Anyway, I paid attention to the mail here. I mailed a movie back on Friday. So, depending on whether my mail had already been picked up here, it either went out Friday or Saturday. Netflix sent me an email on Monday saying they had received it and I should have a new one today. But circumstances prevent me from going down the the mailbox right now. But they have never mislead me about when they mail something.

The only other by-mail rentals I've done was a place that only rents oldies. I don't remember the name of the place. Problem is, very few oldies are classics. So that didn't last long.

But I also rent from Amazon on a pay per movie basis, with rental time lasting from one day to a week. The time depends on the value of the movie, as does the cost. I stream them to my computer or TV. Most of the Amazon movies I rent end up being duds, which is more disappointing when I'm paying per movie.
Yes, well, with Netflix, they still say that you will get your movie the next day, but it never comes the next day now. Seams odd that all the rental businesses have gone out of business but than again with corperation status of businesses, profit at all costs means all businesses will end themselves in the long run.
I've been paying attention, and on those days I'm able to get down to my mail box on time I noticed the next-day thing isn't happening anymore. It might be their post office, though. And if you are interested, you might keep a log for awhile and then contact them with the results. I'd do it but I am unable to get to my mailbox often enough to really track this.
Funny thing, I'm getting them on time again.  They also keep sending me extra DVDs.  Not sure if they are trying to make up for being so slow or if it's some error.  I know that often I will get an extra one sent due to a longer wait period, but now I have three extras.  

Who knows!  

We shall see how this week goes.  LOL  

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