who is your favourite actor/actress??

For my favorite actor I would have to choose either Brad Pitt, or Jim Carrey. FIGHT CLUB RULES!!

For actress I would have to choose Jennifer Aniston cause she's fine, but talent wise, probaby Charlize Theron
That's a hard one. I like soooo many. But, I do like Jennifer A also. She is a cutie pie and very pleasant to watch. Brad Pitt has been in alot of movies I've loved too.
Hi Mark. Welcome to the forum. I'm not sure I have favs. Hmmm. Well, I am drawn to movies with Jeff Bridges or Meryl Streep. I guess part of it is they pick good movies and they are good in them.

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Oh yeah, Meryle, well who doesn't love her? Shy

Reminded me of others I love, but there are really so many, that I like for different reasons, ya know?

Armin Mueller-Stahl is amazing!
Jessica Lange, one of my favs
Ryan Gosling, delicious great actor
Renee Zellweger, wonderful actress
Cate Blanchett, oh my lord, so good!
Giovanni Ribisi, wonderful actor
Vanessa Redgrave, I could watch reading a newspaper
Sarah Jessica Parker, so fun! always enjoy her even in serious roles
Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan cus they are just so darn cute!
Joshua Jackson, probably cus I have a crush on his character, Pacy from Dawson's Creek, yes, that's right, I am a middle aged lady who loves Dawson's Creek, yup, silly right? hehe!!
so so so many more actors.......

This is a fun thread Mark, nice to have ya here!

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