The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack (2000)
This documentary about Rambling Jack Elliot turned out to be much better than I expected.

IMDB summarizes it as follows:

Quote:With the help of her mother, family, friends, and fellow musicians, Aiyana Elliott reaches for her father, legendary cowboy troubadour, Ramblin' Jack Elliott. She explores who he is and how he got there, working back and forth between archival and contemporary footage. Born in 1932 in Brooklyn, busking through the South and West in the early 50s, a year with Woody Guthrie, six years flatpicking in Europe, a triumphant return to Greenwich Village in the early 60s, mentoring Bob Dylan, then life on the road, from gig to gig, singing and telling stories. A Grammy and the National Medal of Arts await Jack near the end of a long trail. What will Aiyana find for herself?

When I used to see Jack Elliot perform and listen to his records, I had no idea about his connection to other musicians, or the role he played in folk music. All I knew is he was the only one I saw perform who seemed like the real deal. Maybe because of the stories he told and how he expressed the music. And so finding out more about him was fascinating to me. I watched this on Netflix Streaming.

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