Antarctica: A Year on Ice
I recommend this. It is not a slick documentary about ice, landscape, and seals. It is about the personal lives of the people who live in Antarctica. I always imagined that there were just a bunch of small outposts put their by different countries to do scientific research. But it's more. There is also a town there. The continent population is about 5000 during the summer, and 700 during the winter.

The documentary begins with the summer months, which was sort of interesting. And also boring at times. But then they got to the winter months. This is four months of darkness and some interesting weather conditions. People spoke of what it is like to endure that as the winter wears on. Interesting was some people begin to lose their memories. One man could not remember his father's phone number, which he had known since childhood. And speech problems. But not being a scientific documentary, they didn't hazard a guess as to why. Also interesting was to see what happens to dwellings when winds over 200mph force snow through the crack where the window frame meets the windows sill.

The documentary has a very informal fell, as if the people in it were simply showing visitors different things there. With us (the viewers) being the visitors. And sharing things in a chatty way.
I thought I had seen this, but when you mentioned the memory loss, I thought either I was having a sad cognitive moment or I hadn't actually seen it......turns out, it's in my queue but hadn't seen it yet. I think I watched another one with that German doc dude....forget his name, the Grizzly Man one, on a similar topic. Looking forward to it now.

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