Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones is a no-nonsense life-weary private investigator who is short on patience, quick to anger, and lacking in tact. She also has super-human strength, but she is not invulnerable to injury. The series is set in a very dark way, and at first I was not sure I would keep watching it.

Krysten Ritter stars as Jessica Jones. I originally became aware of Ritter via her comedy work in Vamps and The B... in Apartment 23. She was so charming in an "up" way in those roles, that at first I didn't even recognize her in this new role (other than to think she looked familiar). She really nailed the Jessica Jones part.

As I watched the episodes, at times it got to such a disturbing place I almost stopped watching. But they never let it settle into a routine, and so I continued to be drawn in. And I like the main character.

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