Mozart in the Jungle
This is another show I almost missed. I gave up on it in the first 10 minutes some time ago, but gave it another try. After two episodes I was hooked. I ended up binge-watching the rest of the first season in two days.

Not about Mozart. It's a drama/melodrama about the members of modern day symphony orchestra. It is listed as a comedy and won awards in that category. It also follows the standard comedy half-hour format. But to me it felt more like a drama about people done with some wit. And with some refreshing breaks from artist stereotypes, because the primary colorful arrogant ones also showed unusual levels of kindness.

One of the best shows I've seen in a long time. I just had to give it a chance to engage me. I watched it as part of my Prime membership on
Well, now I watched Season 2. Not as good. It felt like the stories were not as well thought out, and the larger story arc of the whole season was choppy. Oh well.

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