Beware of Mr. Baker
Documentary about Ginger Baker, who is best known as the drummer for 1960's group Cream. Also known for being obnoxious, crazy, and major drug use. He was a person I never hoped to meet.

None of this is what I found interesting about the documentary. I hadn't realized his broad interest in music. First as a jazz drummer. Then as someone who listened to recordings of traditional African drummers. And after Cream, part of the music scene in Nigeria. And later his acceptance into the New York jazz scene. Not to mention that he became an avid polo player. I also thought the documentary was well done, especially its use of animation.
I've watched this twice. As a drummer he was far beyond his rock and roll contemporaries. He was in that sense a genius. As a person he remained obnoxious and crazy, as the documentary makes clear (he bloodies the film maker's nose). At the time of the film he was living in South Africa because he was in trouble in so many other countries. Excellent documentary.

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