Dixie Chicks - Top of the World Tour Live
This DVD draws from several concerts in 2003. I don't often listen to country music, but this concert was fun. The Dixie Chicks write their own songs and know how to draw from several styles of music including country, folk, bluegrass, pop and rock. They also had a fairly large compliment of side musicians who would step forward at different times and take part in the show. The variety is was nice. I'd say the only negative for me was they kept cutting bits and pieces from different concerts. It was musically seamless, but distracting to see them appearing in different outfits during the same song.

You will probably recall that the Dixie Chicks received a backlash for comment one of them made on stage that criticized President Bush. The backlash knocked them out of country music super-stardom. Many fans publicly destroyed their records and DJs were ordered by headquarters not to play their music. I think they also received a threat that they would be killed on stage.

I checked and the Dixie Chicks will be attempting a 2016 world tour that includes the U.S. It will be interesting to see if country music fans will welcome them as returning friends or shun them as unwanted guests. I hope it goes well for them.
I don't care much for country music, but watched this to see what the fuss was all about. I respect them for standing up for their political remarks as opposed to groveling apologetically to the media. I also wish them well.

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