The Big C
Comedy TV series about a suburban mother who faces her cancer diagnosis while trying to find happiness and navigate her relationships. I watched the first 5 episodes and so far so good. A lot of the humor is zingers or wacky behavior, mixed with more serious human moments. Laura Linney is impressive in the lead role.

Here's a trailer, which gives away some of it. Also, the show was a little deeper than the trailer conveys.
I really enjoyed that one too.  I watched the whole series and some parts were better than others but overall, really enjoyed it.  Especially in this age of misinformation and crazy ideas about alternative treatments and magic thoughts, I found it refreshing.  The episode with the bees was so funny, so related to that desperation that makes you do things you know are completely stupid and then coming to your senses again.
One we agree on!  Yea!!!
We do agree on more than one, I believe. Wink

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