Blondie's New York
Blondie's New York is about the making Parallel Lines, which was Blondie's big breakout album. Unlike the Keith Richards documentary, this one was pretty interesting. But mostly because the musician in me got to watch how a collaboration between a band and a very hands-on producer could transform them into a top pop band.

It also showed that Deborah Harry was more than a front-woman, and that the band's musical success was more than the cool delivery and striking looks of Deborah Harry. Also, it touched on the music scene in Brooklyn and how the environment shaped the music.

Much of this was technical. For example, explaining how the drummer recorded only one drum at a time. And rerecord parts of the performance, again and again. The producer pretty much assembled the album while coaching the musicians on how to play. But also allowing their musical ideas to make the music.

I watched this on Netflix streaming. You can see a few clips for free here:

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