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Quote:Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan write and star in this R-rated comedy about a one-week stand between a Boston ad exec and a London schoolteacher that leads to an accidental pregnancy. When Rob moves to the UK to help figure things out, cultures clash and hormones flare as these two realize they don't know the first thing about each other.

I've watched two episodes and it's going great. The two actors/writers are English and American, which seems to work out well. Some of it is crude, but the cast is able to elevate this. At least much of the time. And the rest is usually clever, with with turns in the humor that are unexpected.
Oh well. I'm a few more episodes in and I'm getting tired of them as a couple.
(05-04-2016, 08:16 AM)Andrew Wrote: Oh well. I'm a few more episodes in and I'm getting tired of them as a couple.

Hehe....yeah, that can happen somtimes.  I still will check it out.  Been binge watching alot of series lately, it's fun.  I've really enjoyed Royal Pains.  It's about an ER doc who ends up becoming a conserge doc in the Hamptons with his little brother.  It's a fun, light doctor show with a "McGiver" element to it filmed in the lovely Hamptons so lots of neat secenery and fun characters.  One amazing thing too, a few season in, they mention that one patient could have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and if she did, that would mean her career in music would be cut short.  I was so excited to see the illness mentioned just in passing as something that would completely change a young woman's life and take away her chances of having a career.  Very very cool.  But, even before that, it was my new fav show.
I'm in the middle of binge watching Humans. It takes place in an alternate present in which technology has reached the point where human-looking robots are in use to assist humans. What got me hooked is a sub-story about an old man who (over the years) has told his robot caretaker many fond memories about his long departed wife (and other people). But now the men's memory is fading, and his robot is able to remind him of all the special days he spent. This has made the man quite fond of the robot, but it is wearing out and starting to malfunction. So the man cares for it as it does for him. Plus he ends up connected to the primary plot. William Hurt plays the man, and it is the most likable character I've seen him play. I hope he comes back for the second season.

In other news, I hope you managed to see How to Survive a Plague. It is not a depressing AIDS movie, but rather a focus on two activist groups that ended up forcing their ways onto government committees and pharmaceutical research groups.

Peter Staley, one of the key activists, agreed to be interviewed by ME/CFS activist Jennifer Brea. He is very good at explaining details of their activism, and answers questions about whether this translates to ME/CFS.  It is very dry stuff, but I managed to watch the whole thing (although not all at once).

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