Tom Petty Documentary
This came out years ago. I just now saw it. Tom Petty documentary film "Runnin' Down A Dream." I was never a follower of his but I did take notice of him. First because he has a natural charisma and good stage presence. And later in his career when I saw a big jump in quality with his song-writing and singing. It was at this point that I saw some of his songs as impressive, and even good enough to become classics.    

The documentary if 4 hours long. I found it interesting enough to watch the whole thing. Although bit by bit. It was no a deep documentary. It left out a a lot of personal things. Good for PR. And I enjoyed learning more about him. Especially his commitment to putting on a good performance. And his endurance as a recording artist, who managed to evolve while never giving up on Rock music and its gratifying simplicity.
Wow, 4 hours! That's alot of Petty. I always liked his stuff, very LA and stuff I grew up with. I think I read an interview with him where he seamed so self involved that I just got such a bad taste in my mouth about him though.

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