Phil Spector (the movie)
The movie begins by telling us it's fiction, not based on real events, and not an attempt to portray the actual people. I took them at their word, and sat their watching a drama unfold instead of expecting it to give me insight into the real Phil Spector.

I'm a big fan of Helen Mirren and she was terrific. Her costar is Al Pacino (as Phil Spector), and this role was perfect for him. Written by David Mamet who is great at creating intense dialog.

But I would not say it's a fantastic plot, and it sort of fizzled. But still, well worth it just to watch Mirren and Pacino deliver and finesse the characters.
Oh, can't wait till I can rent it. I still haven't gotten streaming on netflix yet, takes me longer sometimes to get new releases, but I'm gonna go check.

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