I joined Hulu awhile ago
I joined Hulu, and in comparison to Netflix the interface seems clunky. I was getting turned off by this but eventually I found success. What I do is find one TV series and stick with it. Watch it intermittently when I can't find anything elsewhere. First show I watched was Saving Hope, which is a medical drama with a supernatural twist. This series ran 5 seasons, so I was watching it for awhile. Next was a mini-series called Guilt. I binge-watched that one. Now I just started Younger, which is a comedy series about a single mother who pretends to be much younger so she can get an entry-level job in journalism.
"Saving Hope" sounds interesting. What's the premise for "Guilty"?
(11-20-2017, 02:17 PM)Aiona Wrote: "Saving Hope" sounds interesting. What's the premise for "Guilty"?

Oops. I got the name of the mini-series wrong. It's called "Guilt."  Here's what Hulu says

Quote:An American student, abroad in London, quickly becomes the prime suspect in her roommate's murder and a popular target for the press and in social media. As the investigation unfolds, the mystery deepens, weaving through all levels of London society...

By the way, Saving Hope is actually a pretty standard series, and the supernatural elements are handled in reliable TV show ways. The reason I kept coming back is because it was interesting enough to keep me to the end. Although, they almost lost me in the firsts several episodes.
Shows how little I know. I just found out that the woman who plays the lead in Younger (Sutton Foster) also won two Tony awards for her lead rolls in two Broadway musicals.

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