Thought I would start a documentary thread to thin things out a bit in movies.

Just remembered a really sweet one called Class Act about this old beloved theater teacher from Miami. This was back in the day when they actaully had theatre teachers and such. Just a really great doc on how he helped alot of students who felt alone or troubled who this guy really helped. Lovely. And I love his apartment and mom too!

Oh and two more of my favorites that I own...

Angels in the Dust
Run Granny Run

Saw a doc on Netflix streaming since I will be getting rid of that soon and just doing DVDs on Lyme. It was so interesting.

Under Our Skin, have you seen it?

I found it compelling enough to get a Lyme test even though I didn't think I had it anyways. But, its such a similar story and so relatable what patients go through in many ways. My test was normal, but I guess I didn't get the right test, you have to get this full kit. Still don't think I have it, but might order the kit for the heck of it.
No, I haven't seen it. What method do you use to watch streaming?

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