One Week (2008)
Oh, saw such a great movie!!! So surprised, never heard of it, thought it might be bad but I loved it! It's a very quiet, contemplative movie with a nice dry humor running through it. And I do love Josh Jackson from my Dawson's Creek days. Yes, that's right, I was a big Pacy fan! Tongue Watch the trailer and see if it interests you.

The first scene, I thought, oh, this is going to be bad.......but it got so much better! Beautiful Canadian scenery too. I found it to be very moving. Shy
Thanks. I skipped by this one, but now I'll put it in my queue.
I hope you like it. I love when a movie surprises me with being better than I imagined. Also helps that i had never heard of it or even seen the trailer, so it was all brand new! The first scene was lacking to me, the doctor didn't seam believable, they really needed to name an illness rather than being so vague, but that was just me being picky. Really got into it as it journeyed along.

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